Document Recording Checklist

cover sheet(PDF, 330KB) is required with all land documents submitted for recording.

Please review the following checklist before submitting your documents:

  1. Is your document dated?
  2. Is the document acknowledged correctly?
  3. Are the names of all signers printed below each signature? (46:15-1.1)
  4. Are you sending your document to the right county?
  5. Did you insert the right reference number, book & page and filing date in your document?
  6. Did you send the correct fee for recording? Please check schedule of fees for correct fees.
  7. Did you sign the check?
  8. Is the check for recording, realty transfer tax & the mansion tax check made out to Morris County Clerk?
  9. Is the non-resident 2% check made out to the NJ Division of Taxation?
  10. Is the quality of print acceptable and legible? (45:19-3)
  11. Are all of the signatures original? (46:15-1.1(2))
  12. Is there “Record & Return” or ”Cancel & Return” information on the document?
  13. Is the document in English?
  14. Did you state the reason for re-recording on the first page of the document? In the case of deeds, if any typo was corrected or verbiage was added to the language of the document, was the person initialing the change acknowledged?
  15. Do you have a “prepared by” on the deed with the name of the person drafting the deed? (46:15-1.1)
  16. Is the grantee’s address on the deed? (54:4-32)
  17. Is the consideration stated in the acknowledgement or affidavit of consideration? (46:15-6)
  18. Did you show the municipal lot & block? (46:15-1.3)
  19. On the affidavit, are all appropriate boxes checked?
  20. Did you enter the last three digits of the deponent’s social security number on the affidavit of consideration for use by the seller and the buyer?
  21. Did you provide the correct seller’s residency declaration or non-resident seller’s residency declaration form?
  22. Did you attach the affidavit of consideration for use by the buyer for a deed in excess of one million dollars?
  23. Did you attach both affidavits for an exemption of commercial property for deeds in excess of one million dollars?
  24. Is the Seller’s Residency Certification/Exemption (GIT/REP) signed by the seller(s)?  If the seller’s representative is signing, either a (1) Power of Attorney executed by the seller(s) to the representative must be previously recorded (include a copy of the first page made part of the deed) or the Power of Attorney must be recorded simultaneously with the deed to which the form is attached or (2) a letter of authorization that must be signed by the seller(s) granting the authority to the representative to sign the form, must be attached.
  25. Did you put any full social security number on any document? It must be removed by law.