Office of the Clerk
Office of the Clerk
Old photo with documents
Manumitions of Morris County

Turning a Page of History

Here's a photo of an important document, "The Manumissions of Morris County," a record of local slaves who were freed. The book started in 1791 and was missing for a century.

The Clerk's Registry Office is the place where documents pertaining to ownership are recorded from 1739 to the present.


A Brief History of the Morris County Clerk

Photo of Morris County CourthouseFrom its beginning in 1739 until 1765, Samuel Goveneus was clerk of Morris County, under appointment of Governor Hardy, to serve during good behavior. Samuel Tuthill succeeded him until October, 1776. The constitution provided for the appointment of clerks by a joint meeting.

Then followed county clerks as follows: Silas Condict, 1776-81, Joseph Lewis, 1782; Caleb Russell, 1792, 1797, 1802; John McCarter, 1805; Edward Condict, 1808; Robert McCarter, 1813; Robert H. McCarter, 1818; Z. Drake, 1823; David Day, 1828; Joseph Dalrymple, 1833; David B. Hurd, 1838; George H. Ludlow, 1843.

The law was changed in 1844, whereby county. clerks were to be elected for a term of five years, and those who were elected under such a rule included: Albert H. Stanburrough, 1848-1853; Samuel Swayze, 1858; William McCarty, 1863; Richard Speer, 1868; William McCarty, 1873; Melvin S. Condit, 1878; Elias B. Mott, 1888; Daniel S. Voorhees, 1898; Elias Bertram Mott, 1908 to 1928.

More recently, the following Clerks have served Morris County: Frank Headley, 1962-1981; Larry Mills, 1982-1983; Joseph Bell, 1984-1988, Alfonse W. Scerbo, 1989-1998; Joan Bramhall, 1999-2013; Ann F. Grossi, 2014 to present.



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